Fixed interest

Iain North, Aurum, considers where the fixed income investor should look for steady returns, faced with declining yields and increasing risk
UK companies whose pension schemes continue to hold their current gilt portfolio could be foregoing a potential saving of around £20bn over the next decade, according to new research by PwC. The...
“Readers of tea leaves have thought for a while that the UK monetary authorities have been preparing the way for further monetary policy action” says Stephen Jones, joint head of fixed income at...
The Pension Protection Fund (PPF) and the Pensions Regulator) today published the latest version of the Purple Book which is required reading for all pensions professionals. This is the fifth...
While governments and banks tackle mountainous debt, bond markets are presenting an attractive source of finance explains Richard Ryan, M&G
Guide to financial markets by Marc Levinson (250 pages), ISBN 978 184 668 173 8 £20
Bonds have stood firm in a sea of troubles but, like icebergs, there is hidden danger below the surface, as Simoney Girard discovers
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