DC focus

Aligning trustee activities with employer objectives should ensure value for money for members and employers, argues Richard Sweetman, Willis Towers Watson
Does anyone benefit from the relentless improvements in DC governance? asks Nick Cook, Willis Towers Watson
Employers should look on re-enrolment as an opportunity rather than a burden, suggests Rudi Smith, Towers Watson
Dividing your members into groups has become more important than ever when designing a default option, explains Andy Matthews, Towers Watson
Traditional definitions of retirement have become increasingly blurred. Nigel Aston, SSGA, discusses the findings and implications for the investment design of DC schemes
Target date funds are set to rise in popularity in the UK, says Simon Chinnery, J P Morgan Asset Management
Nico Aspinall, Towers Watson, explores how the landscape has changed for DC defaults
Defined contribution solutions must be grounded in how members really behave not on industry assumptions advises Simon Chinnery, JPMorgan
Target date funds are best equipped to meet the particular and changing requirements of DC savers today suggests Tim Banks, AllianceBernstein
Maralyn Thomas, Castle Pension Trustees, details what the Regulator expects of DC trustees as set out in the new Code of Practice